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Chernyshov Yurii. 8.0 21/11/2021

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Open Radio is a project that provides the ability to listen to world wide radio stations over the internet.
Its main feature is streaming over mobile into a vehicle if the one is equipped with Android Auto (
Open Radio is also supported on Android TV (, however, the support is very general.

How to exit (the only one proper way):
- while you are in the Open Radio's view, press Back until you exit.

How to add radio station:

Legacy version (5.2.247) can be downloaded at:
Please note :
- Open Radio itself is an ads free application, nevertheless, some radio stations include advertisements when providing their internet stream. Unfortunately, Open Radio can not control this;
- database is community driven, it is free and everyone is welcome to contribute; it is not ideal and has a lot of drawbacks, but please, respect it;
- very important, me and the database owner do a lot to keep these projects open for everyone. I, personally, don't ask for any financial support, instead, I do ask to respect the job we have done.
If you have any suggestions, please use this issues tracker:

What's new

Fix Radio Stream redirection (allow player to play redirected streams).


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