Top 10 Upcoming Bollywood Movies releasing on Online Platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar)

Channel : Brain Wash · on 17-05-2020 06:43:37 PM
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Due to the corona virus the whole world has come to stand still, alot of businesses have suffered and bollywood is no different, infact bollywood will suffer even more due to the theatres being closed for a longer time and people will still not risk going to the theatres to watch a movie as soon as the lockdown is lifted, alot of big movie releases have been pushed back indefinitely, so bollywood producers are improvising and alot of them have decided that they are not gonna wait for the lockdown to over, instead, they are gonna release their movies on the various digital platforms, so here is our list of 10 upcoming bollywood movies that are gonna be released on a OTT platforms instead of theatres.

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