R… RAJKUMAR | Full HD Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bala | Manikuttan | Thilakan | Navya Nair |

Channel : Melody Channel Network · on 06-06-2016 04:39:49 PM
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R… RAJKUMAR | Full HD Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bala | Manikuttan | Thilakan | Navya Nair |

Movie : R… RAJKUMAR - Full Hindi Dubbed Movie
Star Cast : Bala, Manikuttan, Thilakan, Navya Nair, Baburaj, Jagathy Sreekumar, Mohan, Kalpana, Bhavani, Gayathri
Director : Anil
Producer : Dr. Hari Kumar
Music Director : Raveendran

Plot : Sivarama Bhagavathar is the temple priest at Narayanapuram temple. He is also a renowned musician. Sivakami is his only daughter, a girl of great beauty. Young Parthasarathy, the second priest at the temple falls deeply in love with Sivakami, but has not revealed his fondness for her to anybody including the object of his affections. There was another person who desperately wants to have Sivakami for his own. He is Vythi, the uncrowned head of the village. It is at this juncture that Arjun comes to the house of Sivarama Bhagavathar seeking his tutelage. Arjun has a mellifluous voice. Sivakami is slowly drawn to him. -----------

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