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Dhwaja:- Dhwaja and Janardhan are twins, both poles apart in their ambitions and approach towards life. The tough Dhwaja wants to be a politician and he lands a chance to find his aspirations fulfilled. He finds his biggest hurdle in the person closest to him. What happens then?

This is the official remake of the Tamil hit Kodi, so much so that they have retained the title, the background score and most of the narrative. Of course, there are a few improvisations, like ensuring one of the female lead's onscreen character is named Ramya, because of her political dreams, and also a climax that is different from the original.

The film is a drama set against a political backdrop. It also has two love stories, one of them involving Janardhan, the younger twin, and an egg seller named Mahalakshmi. The other is between two aspiring politicians, Dhwaja and Ramya. The film has a lot of emotions, action and drama that makes the political world seem rather murky to be a part of. Amid all this is a tale of love, heartbreak and revenge in Dhwaja and his family's life.

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