How to add yourself to STOCK FOOTAGE to increase production value!

Channel : Steve Ramsden - Unexplored Films · on 14-09-2020 07:00:02 PM
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We all know stock footage is a great way to increase your production value on a budget and without leaving the house, which in 2020 is pretty important. But who says you need to just use the shots as they are once they are licensed for you to use? In our latest visual effects experiment we added me into several stock footage clips from our sponsor Artgrid to demonstrate you can get creative when telling your story on a budget!

Once you start seeing stock footage as just one building block that can be used in a scene rather than just using it as it is, you can really have fun. You can colour grade, reverse or flip stock footage to make it more unique, or composite it other elements like we tried. Our tests included using the footage as views to look at, scenery visible through windows or seen from modes of transport, and we even tried an actor replacement just like in our previous video 'How to add yourself to movies'.

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