Shaktimaan - Episode 1

Channel : Big Animation · on 12-09-2012 09:15:03 PM
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Shaktimaan: The Greatest Cyber Yogic Hero
Episode 01 - “The Battle Begins”
Nerdy Vehaan Arya (AKA Shaktimaan) comes to Indus City for the very first time where he gets a job at the university’s computer science lab as assistant to Professor Gyani. On the way home he bumps into beautiful Leena Ray, a student n the journalism department who dreams of being a star reporter and getting some dangerous stories. Little does she know that the evil Kilvish is planning such a story at that very moment. His underlings, Tick and Tock, place a “cyber soul” into the city’s broadband network center allowing Kilvish to take control of the city’s Wi-Fi energy which he uses to energize his destructive robot. When the giant robot threatens the city, Leena is determined to get the story, only to be trapped in the robot’s path. Shaktimaan to the rescue. He saves Leena, destroys the robot and gives Kilvish a jolt of his own evil energy.