Superhit Malayalam Movie | Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal [ HD ] | Full Movie | Ft. Jayaram, Parvathi

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Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal is a 1989 Malayalam film directed by Kamal and written by Ranjith. The film starred Jayaram and Parvathi. Mohanlal makes a cameo role.

Kunju Lakshmi (Parvathi) is the youngest daughter of the aristocratic Kavumpattu family in Peruvannapuram. She is pampered by her brothers and is a little arrogant. The family owns the local college.

Sivasankaran (Jayaram) comes to the college as a peon to replace Padmanabhan (Jagathy Sreekumar) who fails to give the promised donation to the Kavumpattu family in return for the job. Padmanabhan is despondent at the loss of his job. People in the village goad him to make life miserable for the new peon so that he would leave the job and go leaving the post vacant for Padmanabhan. Padmanabhan starts exhorting money from Sivasankaran. Sivasankaran on the other hand finds out that his job includes helping the Kavumpattu family in household chores. When he takes lunch for Kunju, she laughs at him and taunts him. In the meantime Sivasankar stands up to Padmanabhan and refuse to give him anymore of his money.

Padmanabhan resorts to stealing coconuts from the Kavumpattu family estate to earn some money. Sivasankaran catches them and in the scuffle he is accused of being the thief. He is let off on the intervention of the grandmother of the family. In the meantime a love note that was written for Kunju by a classmate ends up in her book and she accuses Sivasankar of writing her the letter. Kunju gets into a fight with Sivasankaran. Her brothers join the fight and Sivasankaran declares that he will marry Kunju in 15 days. Although Kunju hates Sivasankaran at that point, she later falls in love. Her brothers try to pressurize her to marry their maid's son Achu (Mohanlal) who is actually the son of the late Vamadeva Kurupu of Kavumpattu. Ultimately, Sivasankaran and Kunju marry with Achu's help.

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