Batman: Arkham Knight - Full movie (2018)

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Watch the new movie of the Dark Knight ► Batman: Arkham Knight ◄ in full movie length and HD quality.
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Hello fans of the Dark Knight, who is also known as the Batman. I want to welcome you to my YouTube channel FullHDvideos4me.

Today we are going to watch the new Batman movie, which is based on the Arkham Knight. By discovering the home of Batman, better known as Gotham City, we are going to face different villains of the DC Universe. The first villain Batman has to fight with is named Deathstroke. This protagonist of Batman: Arkham Knight is characterized by his advanced strength, intelligence and agility. Formerly a soldier of the U.S. Army, Deathstroke gives the dark knight a hard time today.

A far uglier villain of Batman: Arkham Knight is named Killer Croc. The product of a genetic disorder is driven by a lust for blood and does not hesitate to work with other criminals of Gotham City to fight against Batman. The firefly represents another opponent in this full movie about the Dark Knight. This malicious character is a genuine pyromaniac and has scars all over his body. Furthermore, the full movie Batman: Arkham Knight includes the famous villain of the DC universe, named Copperhead. By fighting against Copperhead, Batman must be aware of her assassin skills.

The next villain on our list is titled Deadshot, better known as the world`s deadliest sharpshooter. Being an old enemy of Batman, the sniper has never missed a shot and as a result he has a kill quote of nearly 100%. Let`s come to the next villain of Batman: Arkham Knight, which responds to the name Electrocutioner. The Electrocutioner can be described as an egotistical street punk, who uses powerful shock gloves. Suffice it to say, Batman has considerable difficulties to defeat him. What would be Batman: Arkham Knight without a female villain? Shiva is part of Gotham City`s criminals and in possession of extremely dangerous martial art skills. It is also interesting to note that the Dark Knight aka Batman is impressed by her beauty. And last but not least, our hero has to fight against Bane in the full movie Batman; Arkham City.

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