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1982 A Love Marriage Full Movie | Latest Bollywood Movie 2018 | New Bollywood Movies | New Hindi Dubbed Movies 2018

Our film is dedicated to those people who always debate between love and arranged Marriage Issues.

This is a tale of a time when Parents used to arrange their children's marriage without their permission and of the society where bride and groom didn't interact with each other before their marriage.

Their First meeting was on the day of their marriage and their first date their "Nuptial Night".

Due to the influence of films, Prem wants to do a love marriage but he is compelled to do an arranged marriage under certain circumstances. Now he wants to do love marriage with his wife Suman. With growing times Prem and Suman comes close to each other and then Prem comes to know about a past which Suman tells him. Prem feels betrayed and distances himself from Suman.

Suman leaves Prem, but later Prem realizes that Suman was at no fault for the incident that occurred in his life, so he goes to get her back, but now Suman's family rejects Prem, asking him how can he do a love marriage with his own wife?

Somehow Prem convinces Suman, now Prem wants to escort his own wife from his in laws, but they are caught and Prem is beaten and dashed from the village.

Finally he gets his love and says "I've successfully done MY Love Marriage"

But in reality was it a love marriage or an Arranged Marriage??

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