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Widower Hemant Rastogi (Yatin Karyekar) lives in scenic Mahabaleshwar, seemingly alone, One night he has a heart attack and passes away. When the Police search his residence they find Tejas (Akshay Kapoor), Hemant's only son, in the basement of the house. Tejas has spent his entire life in the basement and as a result of this is extremely sensitive to sunlight. The Police ask Purva Rana (Dia Mirza), head of P.R, Institute (an institute for the rehabilitation of young criminals) to look after Tejas, whose only experience of other people up until this point has been with his father and the books he provided for him, Tejas starts showing signs of
Telekenesis, and is shunned by the other boys in the institute, resulting in the near fatal accident of a security guard and the death of a fellow student, Tejas redeems himself in the eyes of Purva's wealthy father, Pushkar (Jayant Kripalani), when he is able to wake his wife, Gayetri Rana (Beena Banerjee), from a coma-like condition, It looks like Tejas has been accepted into the Rana household, but he is subsequently harassed by doctors and scientists wishing to perform experiments on him, When Tejas and Pushkar both refuse to be part of these experiments, Tejas is abducted and held in a glass chamber by Dr. Richard Dyer (Tom Alter), who wants to

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