SHM | SHM & Waves - 4 | JEE 2021 | Physics | Unacademy JEE English | Rohit Dixit

Channel : Unacademy JEE English · on 11-09-2020 11:49:58 AM
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Unacademy JEE English | JEE 2020 | JEE 2021 | JEE Preparation | JEE Physics | Physics | Class 11 | IIT JEE | SHM | SHM & Waves | Class 11 Physics | Class 12 Physics | IIT JEE Physics | Rohit Dixit

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Unacademy JEE English brings you a Physics session to prepare you for JEE Mains 2020. In this session, Rohit Dixit will be discussing the concept of SHM & Waves with emphasis on SHM and tips & tricks to solve questions and will help you revise the topic according to JEE Mains 2020 - 21. Watch this video to know some of the best shortcuts to solve the JEE Mains question paper.

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