Haasil (2003) Best Quality

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A movie claimed to be made upon a real life story of former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Showcasing the best of Indian Cinema.

Aniruddh, a law-abiding college student, in love with Niharika, gets caught up in college politics and crime and must fight it out for himself when his friend becomes his foe.

When college student Aniruddha meets pretty co-ed Niharika, they quickly become romantically involved. Unfortunately, their relationship can't escape the politics involved in sex and gang life. When Aniruddha meets Ranvijay, a big man on campus prone to toting a gun, he believes he's merely helping his fellow student escape from a rival gang. It's not long into their friendship, however, that Aniruddha realizes Ranvijay is just using him as a means to get to Niharika.