Top 25 Best Suspense Thriller Movies of Bollywood in Hindi | Wiseman हिन्दी

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Top 25 Best Suspense Thriller Movies of Bollywood in Hindi | Wiseman हिन्दी

Do you like Suspense Movies?

If your answer is yes, then you should watch these suspense thriller Hindi movies of all time. Bollywood has released hundreds of suspense and thriller movies. In this video, we have listed the 25 best Bollywood thriller movies. Our list of best suspense movies consists movies like Badla (2019). The story of this movie is all about Naina (played by Taapsee Pannu), who is accused of her boyfriend's murder. She hires the prestigious lawyer of the city, Badal Gupta (played by Amitabh Bachchan ) to solve the murder mystery. Badla movie is one of the best suspense movies of Bollywood. Our list also has classic suspense films like Apradhi Kaun? This film was released in 1957. This movie is still in the list of top suspense movies. The story of this suspense film is about a wealthy man, who is suspected of committing a murder. He is mysteriously murdered one day. The other family members become suspects. Detective Rajesh comes to find the real culprit.
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