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Channel : Kings of Horror · on 18-05-2018 10:00:11 PM
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Kings of Horror presents: Little Red Riding Hood

A Brother Grimm's Horror Version of the Classic Fairytale.
Little Red Riding Hood (Iren Levy) has received the news that her grandmother, who lives beyond a large, dark forest in a lonely little house, is seriously ill and she urgently needs medicine. In order to save time, Little Red Riding Hood dares to make her way through the dark forest, which according to legend is dominated by monsters and the undead. These creatures are controlled by a demon who lives in a desolate castle in the middle of the forest and who wants to suck life out of everything living that goes into his sphere of influence in order to prolong his rule for all eternity. Little Red Riding Hood soon becomes a prisoner of the demon, held by an invisible force. Only a brave warrior (Robert Amstler) can free her from her eternal prison.

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