Transformers Devastation: The Movie (Arranged soundtrack and score from The 1986 animated movie)

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I present Transformers Devastation: The movie.
*This is not a let's play nor is it cut scenes only...Contains spoilers*

This is all of the in game cinematics mixed with gameplay footage that lends to the story and flow, in movie/TV format.
Most game UI elements have been eliminated. Name tags and some pesky button prompts could not be removed.
The soundtrack and score from the game has been removed except the ending credits track, and replace with music
by Vince Dicola and Stan Bush from the OST, Score, and other works from the artists. It gives the game that
certain level of nostaligia that the games sound just didnt have (It was a great Soundtrack though).
This will make you feel like we got a brand new animated featrue length Generation One movie. Enjoy.
Feature Length at 1 hour 17 minutes runtime. Stay for the after credits scenes.

*Footage captured using OBS, video and music arranged with Adobe Premiere CS5.5*

**Fight scenes are a bit blurry due to having to zoom in to remove the UI elements, but what Transformers
fans aren't used to blurry fight scene, right Michael Bay?**

***I do not own rights to any of the material contained. However I do feel it is within fairuse,
due to being transitive work, and non-monetized. Thank you to all parties who contributed to creating The Transformers,
and Thank you Platinum Games for making such a great game. I do this for the fun and love of the source material.***

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