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Jalaibee's story revolves around two orphaned friends Billu (Danish Taimoor) and Bugga (Ali Safina) who get tangled up in a debt with the local mafia called The Unit. As they look for ways to pay the debt before The Unit comes to collect, they find out they are in deeper waters than they thought. Thinking of different ways to pay the debt, they stumble upon an idea to rob a local casino. To execute this heist they enlist the help of a bar dancer named Banno (Zhalay Sarhadi) to seduce to the owner of the casino.

At the same time another man Ali (Wiqar Ali Khan), along with his brother and partner, Jimmy (Uzair Jaswal), wants revenge against The King, a mafia don who killed his father and forced his mother to suicide when he was young. The King's front man Dara (Adnan Jaffar) is caught between collecting the debt and handling the kidnapping while retaining fear and control over the city.

Simultaneously, Eman (Sabeeka Imam), the daughter of wealthy industrialist and contender for the Prime Minister's seat, Akbar Chaudhary(Sajid Hassan), is trying to talk to her father about Ali, her beau. This proves to be difficult with the election coming closer by the day.


Danish Taimoor as Billu
Ali Safina as Bugga
Wiqar Ali Khan as Ali
Zhalay Sarhadi as Bunno
Sajid Hasan as Akbar
Sabeeka Imam as Eman
Adnan Jaffar as Dara
Uzair Jaswal as Jimmy
Salman Shaukat