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BOGAN Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies | Hindi Action Movie | Arvind Swamy | Jayam Ravi | Hansika

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Movie: Bogan
Star Cast: Arvind Swamy,Jayam Ravi, Hansikan Motwani,Nassar, Naren & Others
Music Director: D. Imman
Director: Lakshman
Producer: Dr.K. Ganesh


Vikram (Jayam Ravi) is an honest cop who serves as the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in Chennai. He has a team of police officers namely, Sathya (Varun), Akshara (Akshara Gowda), and Prasad (Nagendra Prasad). He lives with his parents, elder sister (Sindhu Shyam), and brother-in-law (Prakash Rajan). His family sets up an arranged marriage for him with Mahalakshmi (Hansika).
Vikram is tasked with tracking Aadhithya Maravarman (Arvind Swami), who mysteriously robs jewels and money. He is also involved in drugs and women. Aditya uses a spell which enables him to switch souls. While interrogating Aadhithya, Prasad is killed by Sathya, who is possessed by Aadithya. When Vikram goes to shoot Aadhithya, Aadhithya switches his soul, takes the role of Vikram, and masks the killing of Vikram's best friend by saying that Sathya and Prasad had personal vengeance. After coming to Vikram's home, Aadhithya (in Vikram's body) comes across Maha. He initially lusts for her but leaves her eventually to focus on his revenge with Vikram. When Vikram (in Aadhithya's body) is surprised to find himself imprisoned, he explains to Sathya that he is not Adithya and escapes from prison. After escaping from the prison, Vikram calls the Chennai City Police Commissioner Rajkumar (Ponvannan) and tells the mishaps of events which occurred. Aadhithya overhears their conversation and kills the superintendent. Aadhithya says that he has a confession video which says that he blamed Aadhithya (Vikram in his body) for saving his father.
At the same time, Aadhithya (in Vikram's body) unlocks Vikram's police data and takes the video evidence of his father robbing the bank (Aadhithya in his father's body) and threatens to reveal it to the public, but Vikram contacts Chezhiyan (Nassar), Aadhithya's head in archaeology where he gets the manuscript which gives him his power. Chezhiyan thinks that he is being cheated and goes to Aadhithya (Vikram's body), but Aadhithya reveals himself to be in Vikram's body, and makes Chezhiyan his bait to catch Vikram while in the complex where Vikram was supposed to meet Chezhiyan. When Aadhithya tracks Chezhiyan, Vikram hides and talks to Chezhiyan, who says that Aadhithya's power is only in his body (in which Vikram is) and in other bodies, his power does not work, so Vikram uses Chezhiyan to take the manuscript from the commissioner's office. Aadhithya later kills Chezhiyan.
Watch the movie to know the full story.

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