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The story starts with the flashbacks of a young man, Dilsher (Vicky Kaushal) who grew up in a village in Gurdaspur, Punjab. His father used to sing in Gurudwaras, but after his death, Dilsher has had developed a fear of music. He instead grows up with a speech impairment due to which he has a tendency of stammering. He comes to Delhi to meet a businessman, Gurcharan "Guru" Sikand (Manish Choudhary), who is often referred to as the Lion of Gurdaspur. His apparent maternal uncle H.P. Mehta (Rajeev Gaur Singh) tells him that meeting Gurcharan is no ordinary thing to even imagine, let alone do. But this only fuels Dilsher's motivations to meet Gurcharan.

A flashback speaks of how, while being bullied by some of his schoolmates, Dilsher met a young man, Gurcharan Sikand, who told him about how life often becomes cruel to people, and how one should fight back with double the resistance. He even gives Dilsher a pen, which is symbolic of Gurcharan's own struggles, and his audacity to write his own destiny. Dilsher is encouraged to write his own destiny, and thus comes to Delhi after working hard for years.

At an initial stage, Dilsher befriends Tulsi Ram (Raj Sharma), the leader of a workforce employed in one of Gurcharan's projects, and learns more about Gurcharan from Tulsi Ram. Thereafter, he joins a security agency in hopes of getting to Kapoor Sikand Industries Limited, better known as KSIL, which is owned by Gurcharan. However, he lands a job at a music show somewhat, and notices a young girl, Amira (Sarah Jane Dias) dancing to a song.

Star Cast - Movie Character
Vicky Kaushal - Dilsher
Sarah Jane Dias - Amira
Manish Choudhary - Gurucharan Sikand
Meghna Malik - Mandira Sikand
Raaghav Chanana - Surya Sikand
Harmehroz Singh - Young Dilsher
Malkit Rauni - Dilsher's Father
Anita Shabdeesh - Dilsher's Mother
Chittaranjan Tripathy - Ajmani
Rajeev Gaur Singh - H.P. Mehta
Raj Sharma - Tulsi Ram
Kunal Sharma - Yadav
Abhimanyu Garg - Hafiz
Paras Sharma - Dhruv